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Aprons have been part of our lives for as long as we can remember and they are seen in all comers of the globe and all types of cultures. There are Aprons for different types of uses and we are going to be talking about these different styles and how they are implemented for all kinds of purposes.

Bib Aprons

This is the most common kitchen apron that is often used by people in restaurants and it remains one of the most popular purchases in the apron industry. These aprons have a loose neck loop and they tie around the waist on the back.

They come in different colors and styles, but the main thing to consider is that they are very practical. Their maintenance is quite simple and they can last a very long time.

Bistro Aprons

The bistro apron has no upper body section and it is meant to provide coverage for pants only.  They do come with pockets so that the staff can carry specific items. The bistro apron is ideal for people who work tables or for the house staff of an establishment in general.

Waist Aprons

This type of apron works similar to the bistro, but the main difference is that it only covers the mid-section and it does not cover the entire legs. The best thing about this particular apron is that it allows for mobility and this makes it an outstanding choice for anyone that is looking to provide an optimal and practical apron for bussers and waiters.

Cobbler Aprons

These aprons are the ones that offer the most coverage both on the front and the back. They are ideal for people who are in the healthcare and housekeeping industries. One of the most common things that we can see in this type of apron is that it will allow people to keep their clothes clean and free of any stains.

It is important to note that this is not going to protect the legs. The reason why is that the cobbler apron only reaches a couple of inches below the waistline in most cases. This is important because people need to be moving around quite a bit and a longer apron can feel restrictive.

Children’s Aprons

This type of apron is ideal for your kids if they are going to be engaged in activities such as painting. They can be perfect to avoid a messy set of clothes be it at home or in school when they are given any coloring materials.

Buying the right kind of children aprons is essential because you want something that is durable and reliable.

Disposable aprons

The disposable apron is not as popular as the other aprons we have mentioned before. Even though this type of apron is less expensive, it needs to be changed daily and the costs of wearing a new one day after day will be higher than those of purchasing durable aprons that offer longer lasting quality.

Custom made aprons

You can also find custom aprons that have specific messages, logos or designs on them. These aprons can also be customized in terms of how many pockets they have and how much of the body they cover.

This type of apron is more likely to be purchased by people to cook at home and for those great BBQ’s with family and friends.

Final thoughts

With so many different styles of aprons, it is important to consider that the choices you make should be quality choices and this is going to depend on the manufacturer of the aprons you buy.

Christian Sacerdote
Christian Sacerdote

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