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There are many things that can be altered or changed when a cook is in the kitchen, but the one constant is always the apron. There is no cooking session that is ever done properly without one.

You also need to consider the importance of how you wear your apron. It would seem that the standard apron can only be worn in one specific way, but that is not the case. We are going to be discussing the 3 ways in which aprons can be worn and how each one is ideal for different situations.

The 3 ways to wear your apron are:

  • Behind your back
  • In the front
  • Over your neck

Behind the back

Wearing your apron behind your back is probably the most common way because it is the most reliable. You are also wearing it over the neck when you do this, so it means you are securing both the top and the middle of the apron for extra security.

If you are constantly moving around and you are picking up items and engaged in a very dynamic kitchen, you are going to find this way to use the apron to be perfect.

In the front

This is another reliable way to wear an apron, but some people do not like the aesthetics of this option. When you choose to wear it this way, the knot will be at the front and this is not the way most people like to wear their apron.

This method is good when the cook is not going to be out in public and is only going to be working in the kitchen with his staff.

Over your neck

This is probably the best option when you are doing something simple without moving too much. This way the apron is only hanging by your neck and it is not secured in any other way.

The problem with this particular way of wearing the apron is that your clothes could get stained if the apron is loose on the waist. This is why cooks that are very busy in the kitchen are not likely to use this method.

How waiters and kitchen staff should wear aprons

The same thing happens with waiters and kitchen staff, not just with cooks. If a waiter feels that there is no rush in their work and they can take things slow. Over the neck is fine, but if a waiter is in a hectic work environment, behind the back is always going to be a better option.

One of the main things that both cooks and waiters should consider is that the quality of the aprons needs to be optimal. It is not just about how you wear your apron, it is also about how durable the apron is and this will be extremely important.

What to look for in an apron:

  • It should fit your body properly
  • It should be made with durable materials
  • It should have several pockets
  • They should be lightweight

Final thoughts on the many ways to use an apron

The way you use an apron is going to be very relevant in terms of your mobility and comfort. You need to make sure that you choose one that feels comfortable and then you can decide how to wear it based on your needs.

At the end of the day, you should be using your aprons the way you feel most comfortable and this is going to be a very good way for you to achieve the results you want.

Christian Sacerdote
Christian Sacerdote

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