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Disney movies have been part of our culture since the days of Steamboat Willie. There are many animated movies out there, but Disney has always managed to create some of the most memorable in history.

When you think about the value of these movies, you always remember that this is the type of film that makes you reflect. Regardless of the film being a drama or a comedy, there is always something to learn from a Disney film.

Today, we are going to be talking about Disney movies that feature aprons and the characters that wear them in each of these films.

  1. Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

This movie is a great example of an apron that is worn by Tiana while she works on her beignets. This is a great movie that offers the quality storytelling that we can expect from Disney films. There is always something to learn from these movies and that is always a trademark of Disney films.

  1. The fairies in Sleeping Beauty

When the fairies decide to bake a cake without using their wants, they find themselves with aprons and with a load of responsibilities when baking this cake for Aurora’s birthday. It is a fun scene that comes from one of the timeless Disney classics. Highly recommended film that everyone should consider checking out.

  1. Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid

This is one of the most hilarious and scary scenes for Sebastian the crab as he is nearly boiled and served, but manages to escape this steamy death and reminds Ariel of all the things he goes through for her. This is yet another movie that cannot be missed by the entire family. Even adults can still find it to be an enjoyable experience.

  1. Several characters in Ratatouille

This is a movie that offers much more than an apron scene: it has many scenes with many characters wearing aprons and it makes perfect sense given the cooking theme of the movie. Anyone that watches this kind of movie is going to love the plot and the characters. Very fun and with that unmistakable Disney charm that is so amazing.

  1. Cinderella in Cinderella

Very few movies are as timeless and classic as Cinderella is and she wears an apron for a good portion of the movie. This is a truly amazing movie that everyone should see and the story is engaging and heartwarming. This is probably the story that most people remember from their childhood.

  1. Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove

Kronk makes the incredibly delicious spinach puffs and he always makes sure to wear his apron for the occasion. This is considered to be a movie from the new generation of Disney timeless classics and it is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a fun and engaging film.

  1. Tony and Joe from the Lady and the Tramp

The scene from the Lady and the Tramp with the two dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs is truly unforgettable. They are serenaded by Tony and Joe, two chefs that wear aprons and provide the entertainment while the two canines enjoy a nice dinner. If you haven’t seen this film, this is the time when you should.

Final thoughts

Aprons play a major role in many activities within society and there is no question that their value is often underrated, but these appearances in Disney movies remind us that the apron is alive and well and always an essential part of our lives.

If you can think of other Disney films with aprons let us know!

Christian Sacerdote
Christian Sacerdote

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